Positively inspirational tenants!

George Shackleton, Marketing Assistant, Ethical Property Company
July 28th, 2016

For tenants at The Foundry, last week was marked by a very special one-off event that aimed to bring smiles to all individuals that work at and visit the Centre.

The last couple of months have been a testing time for everybody in the UK, with uncertainty causing divisions in society and a sudden increase in reported hate-related crimes becoming a constant worry. To show solidarity and to celebrate multicultural diversity within the Centre, the tenants at The Foundry decided to put on a Festival of the World.

We love to see tenants working together at our Centres! We always try to encourage this type of collaboration within all our buildings and hope to see much more of it in the future.

Cassie Edmiston, Head of Fundraising at Prisoners’ Education Trust, was one of the tenants who suggested the event, and part of the volunteer team who managed. After the event, she sent us a full update on the events of the day:

“In response to the challenges of the past couple of months, tenants of The Foundry were keen to focus on the positives, recognise all the incredible things that our organisations do and celebrate all the cultures and communities who are represented in the building. We decided to hold a Festival of the World, and volunteers from The Foundry came together to organise the event.

“Surrounded by what could be considered excessive amounts of flag bunting, tenants gathered over a Thursday lunchtime to learn more about their fellow Foundry-dwellers. Amongst others, a Bulgarian shared his summer soup recipe, a Lithuanian taught us some dance moves, we ate a traditional Indian dessert and lots of Sudanese sweets, and an Aussie taught people Australian slang. There was Pitch’n’Putt, some amazing Italian lasagne, a game of ‘Scot or Not’, and a map so people could pin and highlight the places around the world most important to them.

“We heard from speakers representing the organisation Refugee Youth, a small, national charity based near The Foundry which brings young refugees together through creative learning. We also heard from campaign organisation HOPE not Hate, and how our involvement in the campaign could make a real difference in our local communities.

“The event raised £338.54 for Refugee Youth, brought people together, and provided a positive opportunity for everyone to talk to people they hadn’t spoken to before. It was a small thing, but hopefully it created a ripple of positivity in otherwise uncertain times.”

To see Refugee Youth’s work in action, they are hosting an event at the Southbank Centre on the 6th August. To get involved with HOPE not Hate, visit their website: www.hopenothate.org.uk.

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